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The Research & Instruction Department supports all levels of inquiry, research, and instruction. Research & Instruction Librarians are available to facilitate your research and guide you in finding and using the most relevant print and online sources. Schedule an individual appointment in advance to ensure uninterrupted time with a librarian. R+I Librarians also teach a wide range of research classes across the college and oversee the development of the circulating physical book collection, ebook collections, electronic database subscriptions, and Reference collections.

Request a Research Class

Request research instruction tailored to your specific course and assignments by writing to Our teaching schedules fill up quickly! We require at least one week's advance notice for all class requests, a copy of your syllabus and the assignment/research prompt.

Request Individual Research Help

Contact one of our Research & Instruction Librarians for individual research help- we can meet in person, chat by email or over zoom. Email us at or stop by the Research Help Desk and ask the student assistant to call the Librarian on duty.

Research Librarians

Working with a Librarian

An Art Librarian can:

  • Listen as you discuss your class assignment, studio projects, and research needs
  • Translate your art & design ideas into effective ways to think about, search for, and locate information
  • Bridge any gaps between your subject domain and the library domain
  • Offer ways to think critically about the information you encounter
  • Help you navigate the vast network of libraries and information institutions beyond RISD